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Run Task
Run tasks both locally and over the network


Create Task
Create tasks in a wide range of languages


Share Task
Share tasks with other network users


Control Task
Use automation to control applications

KosmicTask for Users

If you need to automate tasks on your mac then KosmicTask is just the application you are looking for. KosmicTask makes it easy to setup and configure scripts to perform regularly required operations. It is also a great way to learn about and experiment with the wide range of scripting and automation technologies that are available to every mac user.

KosmicTask can provide a wide range of task based services to local and network based users alike. Users can browse and search the network for services that match their requirements and files can be passed both to and from tasks. The iTunes like interface features task tabs, a comprehensive history facility and detachable task windows.

KosmicTask for Managers

KosmicTask is ideally suited to sharing common processing and workflow functionality amongst a team of users. Common tasks can either be shared and maintained from a central location or users can retain custom tasks that precisely match their workflow requirements.

KosmicTask supports automatic discovery of task resources on the network so team members always know what tasks are currently available.

KosmicTask for Administrators

KosmicTask is a versatile tool for performing both local and remote system administration. Tasks can be made publicly accessible or may be restricted to authenticated users.

By default KosmicTask supports all of the scripting languages that come installed with OS X. This makes it easy to import existing scripts into the application. Application installation is simple and nothing is installed outside of the application bundle.

KosmicTask for Script Authors

KosmicTask is a powerful integrated scripting environment that supports the creating, editing, testing and sharing of script powered tasks in a wide range of scripting languages. A suite of templates is provided for each of the supported scripting languages that can serve as starting points for task creation.

The application's plug-in architecture provides support for task scripting in the following languages:

If the above sounds interesting or intriguing then it's time to learn some more.

KosmicTask - A Scripting Tool for the Kosmos

KosmicTask Features

KosmicTask provides a rich user interface and its wide feature set provides access to a powerful collection of OS X and open source technologies.

For more information on the feature set see the application introduction.