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KosmicTask Support

Application Support

Many queries with regard to KosmicTask can be answered simply by referring to the online help book. If, however, you cannot find an answer to your query then you can request direct application related support for KosmicTask in several ways:

  • Use the support function built into the application. Under the KosmicTask menu item select Feedback and Support... Be sure to include a valid email address along with your enquiry. General application feedback and bug reports may also be reported in this way.
  • Send an email to

Scripting Language Support

KosmicTask supports a wide range of scripting languages. Scripting related queries that refer directly to KosmicTask (such as "How do I return a file result in Python") should be directed towards the KosmicTask support resources. Queries that relate to the scripting language itself (such as "How do I create a Python hash") should be targeted to the support resources for that language.

In order to make locating scripting support a bit easier the following table lists some primary support resources for all the scripting languages supported by KosmicTask.

AppleScriptObjC website forum mailing list
AppleScript website forum mailing list
Bash shell manual wikipedia reference list
C shell PDF intro wikipedia website
C website manual forum
C++ website manual forum
F-Script website documentation forum
Java documentation tutorials forums
JavaScript documentation guide reference list
JSCocoa website documentation forum
Korn shell website documentation wikipedia
Lua website documentation mailing list
LuaCocoa website documentation language
Perl website documentation community
PHP website documentation reference list
Python website documentation community
PyObjC website documentation mailing list
Ruby website documentation community
RubyCocoa website documentation wikipedia
Tcl website documentation community
Tenex C shell website man page wikipedia
Z shell website man page wikipedia