Task Window

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Task Window

The task window displays a single task within its own window and features an input view and a results view. The individual controls within the input and result views work just like those within a task tab. A task window can be opened from within the main application window in any of the following ways:

  • Select a task tab and choose menu Open Task in New Window (control - minus).
  • Select a task tab and choose context menu item Open Task in New Window.
  • Display the context menu on outline, task browser or search list task item and choose item Open Task in New Window.
  • Select the detach task view as window button in the input navigation bar of a task view.
Task window

The task window toolbar contains the following controls:

Run - Pause - Stop
The transport controls allow tasks to be run, paused and stopped.
Status panel
The status panel provides feedback on the task status and the elapsed execution time.
Mini view
The mini view button toggles the task window between its normal size and a minimal configuration that displays just the toolbar and a status bar.
Pin window
The pin window button prevents the task window from being obscured by other windows from any other application. This can be especially useful for monitoring the status of a mini view.
Secure connection
The secure connection icon indicates whether the task is being run over a secure connection. A locked padlock indicates that a secure connection has been established. An open padlock indicates a non secure connection.

Task Mini View Window

The task window Mini view toolbar button toggles the window between normal size and mini size. The mini size format allows the status of numerous tasks to be simultaneously monitored. Mini views are aware of their position on screen and when reverting to normal view they will always expand towards the centre of the screen. This makes it possible to effectively position mini view windows along all edges of the screen.


The mini view displays a Status bar along its bottom edge. This will be updated with the task status as the task runs but when the task completes it will display a one line summary of the task results.