KosmicTask Help


The licences panel enables the user to view, add and delete KosmicTask licences. To display the licences panel select menu KosmicTask - Licences...

Licences window

A KosmicTask licence is a file that is installed using the licences panel. Licence files are normally issued via emails as attachments. The user will be required to save the attached file to disk before the licence can be installed.

KosmicTask ships with a trial licence that provides full functionality for a limited period and limited functionality there after. A full licence must be purchased and installed to permanently enable all application features. When using KosmicTask in a networked environment each connected instance requires a licence in order to execute tasks. A licence file contains one or more individual licences each of which represents an allowed connection to another instance of the application. The number of individual licences provided by a licence file is defined by the Licences field. Multiple licences can be installed and the total number of executable connections is simply the sum of all the Licence fields.

A licence is only required to run a task on another machine. This means that regardless of the number of licences installed users will always be able to view and browse the tasks on all other machines. If a user attempts to run a task on a networked instance and the licensed connection limit is exceed then a licence informational message is displayed.

The licences panel contains the following controls:

Installed Licence Files
A list of the installed licences. The list displays the name in which the licence is issued and the number of licensed connections.
Licence Details
Displays the licence information for the selected licence.
Buy Licences...
Buy licences from the Mugginsoft website. A range of standard licences are available.
Remove Licence
De-installs the selected licence. If all full licences are removed the application will revert to trial functionality. The default trial licence cannot be removed.
Add Licence...
Displays a file browser to enable the selection of a KosmicTask licence file. A licence file will normally be named using the licence purchaser's name followed by the extension .ktlic. A licence can also be installed by double clicking the licence file in the Finder.