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Scripting Language Guide

KosmicTask uses an extensible plug-in architecture to support a wide range of scripting languages. By design support is included for all the scripting languages that are present as part of a standard OS X 10.6 installation. When such a task is executed its script is passed to the local scripting subsystem for execution.

In addition, KosmicTask includes a number of additional scripting languages. Support for these languages is wholly embedded in the application bundle and nothing is installed outside of the application itself. KosmicTask supports both interpreted scripting languages (such as Php and Perl) and those that are compiled (such as AppleScript and Java). Support is also included for a number of Cocoa bridges. These bridges are extremely powerful and enable scripts to access all the power and functionality of the OS X Cocoa framework. A list of support resources for all the listed scripting languages is available on the support page.

KosmicTask supports the scripting of tasks in the following languages:

Script Embedded Description
AppleScript no Apple event scripting component
Bash shell no OS X shell
C shell no OS X shell
C yes Interpreter
C++ yes Interpreter
Java no Runtime
JavaScript no Interpreter
Korn shell no OS X shell
Lua yes Interpreter
Perl no OS X scripting component
PHP no OS X scripting component
Python no OS X scripting component
Ruby no OS X scripting component
Tcl no OS X scripting component
Tenex C shell no OS X shell
Z shell no OS X shell

C and C++ interpreted scripting support is provided by CINT. A list of the relative popularity of various languages can be found at the TIOBE Programming Community Index.

Cocoa Framework Scripting

KosmicTask supports Cocoa framework scripting using the following bridges and components. Direct support for Apple's ScriptingBridge technology means that all of the following languages can be used to automate scriptable OS X applications.

Script Embedded Description KosmicTask Alias
AppleScriptObjC no AppleScript bridge AppleScript Cocoa
F-Script yes F-Script Cocoa scripting environment F-Script Cocoa
JSCocoa yes JavaScript bridge JavaScript Cocoa
LuaCocoa yes Lua bridge Lua Cocoa
PyObjC no Python bridge Python Cocoa
RubyCocoa no Ruby bridge Ruby Cocoa

Within KosmicTask the various Cocoa components are identified by the alias given in the above table.