Lab Network Configuration

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Lab Network Configuration

The Mugginsoft lab network is used to test and develop KosmicTask. We make use of virtualisation to produce an extensive laboratory network using a limited number of physical hosts. The Mac mini makes an excellent virtualisation host and recent models can each host between 8 and 16 virtual machines.

In general a number of OS X virtual machines (VMs) are loaded on to a physical host. Each VM runs a separate instance of KosmicTask. The Mugginsoft lab network is constructed using the following virtual host configurations.

Host 1 Configuration

Name Value
Name host1
Host Mac Mini 2.53Ghz Core 2 Duo
OS OS X 10.8
RAM 8GB 1067 MHz DDR3
Hypervisor VMware Fusion 4
VM count 6
ID VM network name RAM
1 host1-vm1-osx-10-7 1024MB
2 host1-vm2-osx-10-7 1024MB
3 host1-vm3-osx-10-8 1024MB
4 host1-vm4-osx-10-8 1024MB
5 host1-vm5-osx-10-6 648MB
6 host1-vm6-osx-10-6 648MB

Host 2 Configuration

Name Value
Name host2
Host Mac Mini 2.5Ghz Intel Core i5
OS OS X 10.8
RAM 16GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Hypervisor VMware Fusion 4
VM count 15
ID VM network name RAM
1 host2-vm1-osx-10-7 1024MB
2 host2-vm2-osx-10-7 1024MB
3 host2-vm3-osx-10-8 1024MB
4 host2-vm4-osx-10-8 1024MB
5 host2-vm5-osx-10-6 648MB
6 host2-vm6-osx-10-6 648MB
7 host2-vm7-osx-10-7 1024MB
8 host2-vm8-osx-10-7 1024MB
9 host2-vm9-osx-10-8 1024MB
10 host2-vm10-osx-10-8 1024MB
11 host2-vm11-osx-10-6 648MB
12 host2-vm12-osx-10-6 648MB
13 host2-vm13-osx-10-7 1024MB
14 host2-vm14-osx-10-7 1024MB
15 host2-vm15-osx-10-8 1024MB

Default OS X Virtual Machine Configuration

OS X is configured for each VM to try and ensure minimum CPU and network usage.

Setting Description
Screensaver Disabled
Software update Disabled
Screen sharing Enabled
File sharing Enabled
Standard username kt-demo
Auto user login Enabled
Launch at login Fusion

Default Fusion Hypervisor Configuration

Fusion is configured to provide Internet access for each VM.

Preference Setting
General Start VM when Fusion starts
Sharing Share folder with host
Network Bridged Autodetect
Memory Generally 1024MB
DVD Disabled

OS X 10.8 is specified to require a minimum of 2048 MB and won't install with less than this. However, once a 10.8 VM is installed and configured the memory allocation can be successfully lowered to 1024MB.