Creating and Editing Tasks

KosmicTask Help

Creating and Editing Tasks

Edit view control

KosmicTask divides the process of creating and editing tasks into three different stages that are selected using the Edit View control in the edit window toolbar.

In Task view the user defines the overall task and specifies the number and type of task inputs.
In edit view the user can edit the task script, choose a script from a list of templates, build the script if required and define various script settings.
The run view provides an environment in which to run and test the task.

When developing a task the normal workflow is to continually switch between the available edit views to adjust inputs, modify the script and test run the task. When the task performs as required select File - Save (or cmd-S) to save the task and add it to the task browser list.

Creating a New Task

To create a task select the Admin task view in the KosmicTask application window and click New on the toolbar. A separate task Edit window will be displayed. If the user can access the Admin mode on shared instances of KosmicTask then tasks can also be created and edited on those shared instances.

Edit window

The left hand Task Info pane is used to define the task parameters. The right hand Task Inputs pane allows various task inputs to be specified.

Task Info
Name. Enter a short descriptive task name. This does not have to be unique. All tasks are uniquely identified by a Task ID which is displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the edit window.
Script. Select a script type from the pop-up menu. This selection can be overridden in the Edit view.
Group. Select an existing group name to add the task to or enter a new group name.
Short Description. Enter a short description of the task. This will be visible in the task header when running the task.
Other. The remaining fields are optional.
Task Inputs
Task Inputs. To add a task input select the + button. To delete the last input select the - button. To delete a given input select the x button in the input title bar.
Name. Enter a name to identify the input. This will be used to identify the input when the task is run.
Type. Select an input type from the pop-up menu. Various additional fields will be displayed dependent on the type selected.
Various. Various fields and options as supported by the chosen input type. An Initial value field is normally available.
Description. Enter a short description of the input. This will be visible when the task is run and can be used to prompt the user or provide additional instruction.

Editing the Task Script

To edit the task script select the Edit button within the Edit View control. The edit view will be displayed.

Edit window edit view

If a script has not been defined for a task, as will be the case for new tasks, then a drop down template browser will be displayed from which the user can select a template on which to base the task script. By default the browser will display templates matching the task's previously defined script type. A different script type can be defined for the task simply by browsing to a different language resource and selecting a template. Once a suitable template has been found the user can select OK to close the browser and insert the template into the task.

Running and Testing the Task

To run and test out the task script select the Run button within the Edit View control. The run view will be displayed. This view is identical to the one used to run a task within the main application window.

Edit window run view