Console Window

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Console Window

The console window records all errors that occur and provides access to the application log. To display the console select menu Window - Console (command - L).

Console window

There is a lot that can go wrong in the process of running tasks in a wide range of scripting languages on remote machines. Network connections can be lost, machines can go to sleep, authentication requests can fail, scripts can crash, hang or be terminated and differences in machine configuration can result in unexpected behaviour. The console maintains a log of all application errors to assist with diagnosing problems. The console contains the following controls:

The errors view displays a list of application errors including the error source and code. More information on a particular error may be available in the log. Most errors are generally associated with failed network requests and misbehaving task scripts.
The log view displays a real time log of informational, diagnostic and error messages relating to KosmicTask.
The clear button clears both the error list and the log.
The send button transmits the contents of the console window to Mugginsoft support via email in order to report bugs and problems.