How does KosmicTask licensing work?

KosmicTask FAQ

How does KosmicTask licensing work?

An instance of KosmicTask manages the number of connections that it will accept in the following way:

Installed Licences
Each instance of KosmicTask must have one or more licences installed. Trial versions of the application include a trial licence.
Each licence defines the maximum number of simultaneous connections that an instance of KosmicTask can support.
Licence Files
Licences are distributed in licence files. The licence file defines the number of supported connections.
If you have 5 copies of KosmicTask installed then in order for them to accept task requests from each other you will require a 5 user licence file.
Adding Licences
In the above example, if 3 more KosmicTask installations are required then an additional 3 user licence file will be required.

KosmicTask licence files are additive. This means that for all 8 machines to communicate each must have a total of 8 licences installed. This can be achieved by ensuring that all 8 machines have both the original 5 user licence and the new 3 user licence installed.

Regardless of the licence status you will always be able to see and browse the public content of all connected instances of KosmicTask. If, however, the licensed connection count has been exceeded you will not be able to execute any tasks on that connection.