KosmicTask v1.2.6 Released


KosmicTask v1.2.6 Released

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Mugginsoft is pleased to announce the availability of KosmicTask v1.2.6. This update improves the script editor .

KosmicTask 1.2.6

1st October 2012

  1. MID 1535: Added editor preferences. Preferences can now be set for the following script editor parameters:
    • Font name and size.
    • Text, background, invisible character and selection colour.
    • Syntax colouring.
    • Invisible character display.
    • Spell checking.
    • Line number display.
    • Brace matching.
    • Page guide.
    • Simple autocomplete.
    • Auto insert braces.
    • Tab width.
    • Auto indent.
    • Line wrapping.
  2. MID 1021: Fixed AppleScript code colouring. Built AppleScript should now be coloured as it is within the AppleScript Editor. Previously KT AppleScript was coloured according to a set of keywords but the nature of AppleScript terminology makes this approach unreliable. The new implementation means that common commands such as 'so shell script' will be correctly coloured. The colours used to highlight AppleScript are those returned by the AppleScript compiler and therefore do not match those defined in the editor preferences.
  3. MID 1489: Updated documentation to note the removal of support for appscript.
  4. Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

For a complete update history see the release notes.