KosmicTask v1.2.4 Released


KosmicTask v1.2.4 Released

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Mugginsoft is pleased to announce the availability of KosmicTask v1.2.4. This update brings several fixes and improvements to KosmicTask.

KosmicTask 1.2.4

20th June 2012

  1. MID 1416: Updated JSCocoa.
  2. MID 1447: Fixed exception when saving task with empty task name.
  3. MID 1482: Improved edit window menu handling.
  4. MID 1483: Improved edit window short description handling.
  5. MID 1484: Signed app with Apple developer ID cert (for GateKeeper compatibility).
  6. MID 1431: Fixed exception on task run when delete default task inputs in edit view.
  7. MID 1486: Fixed exception on task run when delete task parameter description in edit view.
  8. MID 1410: Disable default reporting of Cocoa task runner exceptions.
  9. MID 1448: Fixed Ruby rb-appscript missing dependency (ae.bundle).
  10. Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

For a complete update history see the release notes.