KosmicTask v1.2.3 Released


KosmicTask v1.2.3 Released

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Mugginsoft is pleased to announce the availability of KosmicTask v1.2.3. This update brings several fixes and improvements to KosmicTask.

KosmicTask 1.2.3

13th April 2012

  1. MID 1285: Improved F-Script build.
  2. MID 1390: The stderr tab in the task edit view is now only shown when additional build info is available.
  3. MID 1389: The F-Script build error location is now correctly highlighted within the script.
  4. MID 1391: The build toolbar button now remains enabled if any build errors are reported.
  5. MID 1394: The build sheet now displays all build errors in a scrollable textview.
  6. MID 1386: Removed spurious kosmicFile key from some results.
  7. Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

For a complete update history see the release notes.