KosmicTask v1.2.1 Released


KosmicTask v1.2.1 Released

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Mugginsoft is pleased to announce the availability of KosmicTask v1.2.1. This version brings some new features and improved stability to KosmicTask.

NOTE: Improvements to the KosmicTask networking protocol mean that v1.2.0 cannot inter-operate with earlier versions of the application. Please ensure that you update all application installations to the latest version.

Real Time Logging

KosmicTask now supports real time logging. This enables tasks to send information back to the user while the task executes and provides a great way of keeping the user informed about the task's progress. All text logged by a task is now automatically displayed in real time.

Improved Complex Result Handling

KosmicTask supports both simple and complex task results. Complex result handling has been improved by the introduction of the KosmicName key.

Result keys are used to identify components of a task result, such as the result data, files or an error condition. The new KosmicName key and an improved document view means that results are presented in a clear and coherent manner. Most of the application bundled tasks now make use of this key.

Changes Since Previous Version

  1. MID 1146: Added real time logging. Most tasks were updated to provide real time user feedback using this mechanism.
  2. MID 1182: Fixed issue committing editing when resource browser was no longer key.
  3. MID 1274: Updated appscript for Ruby and Python.
  4. MID 1292: Fixed issue were ... entered in editor was converted to an ellipsis character crashing some scripts.
  5. MID 1308: Fixed result text document line wrap toggling. Document view now defaults to line wrap on.
  6. MID 1281: Fixed task and result pin buttons not displaying the On state.
  7. MID 1313: Added KosmicName result key to assist with result formatting and display. Updated tasks to use this key.
  8. MID 1290: Fixed resurrection error in attachment handling.
  9. MID 1323: Fixed resurrection error in browser image handling.
  10. MID 1277: Updated YAML components to latest releases.
  11. MID 1160: Updated markdown Quick Look plugin with latest version of Discount markdown engine.
  12. MID 1355: Fixed request queue management issues for user terminated tasks.
  13. MID 1347: Fixed handling of empty result returned when Java is not yet installed.:
  14. MID 1363: Renamed tasks to conform to a clearer verb first naming convention.
  15. Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.