KosmicTask v1.1.2 Released


KosmicTask v1.1.2 Released

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Mugginsoft is pleased to announce the availability of KosmicTask v1.1.2 .

Changes Since Previous Version

This maintenance release address the following issues:

  1. Fix MID 1166: Settings could be modified in template sheet.
  2. Fix MID 1167: Application supplied resources settings could be modified.
  3. Fix MID 1165: User temple and resource changes were not persisted.
  4. Fix MID 1164: Command line option error in java template.
  5. Fix MID 1170: Template sheet always built prior to display even when no resource changes had occurred.
  6. Fix MID 1169: Deleted or duplicated resources not shown on template sheet.
  7. Fix MID 1171: Context menu generates resources in wrong list.
  8. Fix MID 1174: Log noise reduced.
  9. Fix MID 1176: User resources not correctly saved.
  10. Fix MID 1175: Resource document format control remains displayed for non editable resources.
  11. Fix MID 1177: Default template can be deleted immediately after assignment.
  12. Fix MID 1172: New template incorrectly identified as a default.
  13. Fix MID 1179: Errors logged when selecting empty resource lists.
  14. Fix MID 1173: Empty resource list not correctly represented.