KosmicTask 1.1 Released


KosmicTask 1.1 Released

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Mugginsoft is pleased to announce the availability of KosmicTask 1.1 a secure Integrated Scripting Environment for OS X that makes it easy to share script based functionality over the network. For an introduction to the application and in depth help see the help book.

Changes Since RC 1

  1. MID 1151: Detached task windows could not be resized on OS X 10.7.

About KosmicTask

KosmicTask 1.1 now supports task creation and sharing in a wide range of scripting languages including all those that are natively supported on OS X 10.6 and OS X 10.7. In addition, KosmicTask includes a number of additional scripting languages that greatly enhance task scripting capabilities.

KosmicTask utilises a plug-in architecture to provide language support and currently includes plug-ins for the following scripting languages (embedded indicates that the scripting language subsystem is included as part of the application):

Bash shell
C shell
C (embedded)
C++ (embedded)
Korn shell
Lua (embedded)
Tenex C shell
Z shell

A wide range of Cocoa framework scripting bridges are also supported. These bridges allow scripts to access the powerful Cocoa framework and thus greatly enhance what can be achieved when compared to conventional scripting.

In particular the various bridges allow access to the ScriptingBridge framework which in turn permits scripts to automate OS X applications. AppleScript has long been the most high profile automation scripting language for OS X but the ScriptingBridge permits a much wider range of scripting languages to be used to drive automation tasks.

KosmicTask currently includes plug-ins for the following Cocoa scripting bridges:

F-Script (embedded)
JSCocoa (embedded)
LuaCocoa (embedded)