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KosmicQuitter - Positive MacWorld Review

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MacWorld has given a very positive review of KosmicQuitter.

Read it here

NSEvent Timestamp

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A category on NSEvent suitable for NSEvent time stamping.

Track GC Memory Usage Using Instruments

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When tracking GC memory usage it is essential to be able to examine the heap object graph. That's where Instruments comes in.

Detecting Mouse Down NSEvent in NSView Subviews

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I want to detect mouse down events in the subviews of an NSView so that I can highlight the NSView whenever any of its subviews are clicked.

The first thing we need is to build a list of the window subviews that want to be informed whenever one their subviews is clicked. We we are going to need an NSWindow subclass, say MGSMyWindow.

@interface MGSMyWindow : NSWindow {
	NSHashTable *_clickViews;

- (void)addClickView:(NSView *)aView;

The use of NSHashTable indicates that garbage collection is required.

We initialise our window like so:

So Exactly Why are My Find Panel Buttons Dimmed?

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My NSTextView find panel buttons are dimmed and I don't know why.

The Cocoa NSTextView docs refer to dimmed find panel buttons if the text view is made not selectable. But that isn't the case. My text view is both editable and selectable.

I have been implementing my applications menu and toolbar validation code so I suspect that have misrouted something in the responder chain.

Time Machine Backup and Restore on Iomega StorCenter ix2-200d

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Wanting to provide networked Time Machine backups for a number of macs I decide to try the Iomega StorCenter ix2-200d. This has a wide feature set and a low entry price. Of course, you can build your self a FreeNAS based system that will offer much of the same functionality but the automatic support for Time Machine is what did it for me.

Progress Report

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The next release of KosmicTask will be Beta 2 which should arrive before Christmas.

23 issues have dealt with according to the issue tracker with 6 remaining that target Beta 2.

Main improvements in Beta 2 will be a completed application menu, improved editing, improved memory usage and lots of GUI fixes. Task result saving is correctly implemented. Fixed a hard to isolate reconnection issue when stopping and starting multiple network instances.

Beta 2 should be feature and implementation complete.

OS X Missing Currency Symbol

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On one of my development machines, which has seen a bit of fiddling it must be admitted, I find that the normal currency symbol for the locale is not displayed (be it £, $ or €). Instead I am presented with the following symbol: ¤.

Now I know that I have seen it before, but where? And secondly, what is it?


Hmm, Now Where did PayPal Put That Feature...

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The seller admin interface to the PayPal site, to me, seems destined to confuse. I always forget how to get to such info as the Account Information, Financial Information and Selling Preferences.

I think the cause of this is the second level menu drop down menu structure. You hover over Profile, say, the options drop down, you don't see what you want so scratch your head and start poking around again.

Infographic on the Benefits of Stopping Smoking

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A good infographic on the benefits of stopping smoking

The original posting is here.

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