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Google webmaster reports page unreachable but users can browse page

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In this case the Google webmaster crawl reporter was indicating a large number of pages in a Drupal site as unreachable - 500 error. Users however could access the problem pages without difficulty or delay.

Creating favicon ico files on OS X

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The ICO image format is a Windows format for representing icons at various resolutions. It is also widely used to represent favicons. It is thus somewhat similar in intention to the OS X ICNS format. Indeed you can create and edit ICO files using the Icon Compose app that ships with Xcode. It lives in /Developer/Applications/Utilities/Icon Composer

Building a release with Xcode, AppleScript and agvtool

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Whenever a release of KosmicTask is built agvtool is used to increment the bundle versions of all the various components. The bundle version is significant for the user because when the app is upgraded a change in the KosmicTaskServer component bundle version is what triggers that component to update all the application tasks.

Change iPhoto title and description

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The title and description settings for an iPhoto image in iPhoto 08 can be modified using the information explorer in the bottom left hand corner of the app window.

The explorer can be toggled on and off using the blue i button.

If you are scripting iPhoto the information title is presented as the title property of the photo object. The information description on the other hand is available as the comment property.

Automatically log in authenticated Drupal user

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In some cases it may be desirable to externally access authenticated user paths on our Drupal site. I use this approach to kick off various admin functions.

Duplicate a Drupal Installation

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Duplicate the MYSQL Database

Our initial database is named drupal_live

Dump out the database as sql.

cd ~
mysqldump -u root -pPASSWORD drupal_live > drupal_live.sql

In phpMyAdmin create database drupal_dev. We can either grant all privileges to our new database to a user of the old database or generate a new user specifically and grant them the required privileges.

Then import the dump into the new database.

mysql -u root -pPASSWORD drupal_dev < drupal_live.sql 

Duplicate the Drupal Installation Files

BT Connect DNS Zone Management Update Fails

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The BT broadband business connect web site features a web based domain management interface. The site does state that some features may be disabled for primary domains, however, one can still request A, CNAME, MX, URL, FRAME, and TXT record changes for primary domains.

Share Google Analytics Account

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Google analytics accounts can be shared with other Google account holders.

Automatically extract zipped attachments received on postfix mail account

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The desire here is to call a Drupal path when email is received on a specific email account. The email in question contains a zipped archive of images that we want to import into Drupal.

Application Screencasting - ScreenFlow, QuickTime and Flash

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Just a few notes on my own screencasting efforts.

My KosmicTask screencast is intended to be a marketing and promotional aid as well as providing a user level introduction to the application. As such I want the finished screencast to be produced to a reasonably high standard.

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