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NSTextView -textDidEndEditing: not sent

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I have two sub views that I swap within a view:

NSTextView <=> NSOutlineView

An NSSegmentedControl serves to initiate the subview switching.

My NSTextView delegate responds to :
- (void)textDidEndEditing:(NSNotification *)aNotification

However, if I modify my NSTextView and then switch the views the
-textDidEndEditing: notification is not sent.

Presumably this should be sent when the NSTextView looses first responder status.

Using Git to Manage Drupal Development

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We have a Drupal installation with a git repository in the Drupal root folder at .git. Further development is required so we want to clone our repository, make our changes and then push the mods back into the main repository before merging.

The first step is to create a branch, say new-dev, to work on.

Drupal CSS Debugging for Internet Explorer (IE6 and IE7)

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IE6 and 7 are the source of trouble as usual.

This is just a basic check list for dealing with this delightful stuff.

  1. Get the Internet Explorer Application Compatibility VPC images for IE6 and IE7 from
  2. The above images lack the DOM browser known as the Developer Toolbar - get it from here This DOM browser works in IE6 and 7.

o2 PAYG Broadband on OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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The o2 mobile broadband PAYG package is appealing but the distributed software dislikes OS X 10.6

There is some guidance from o2 but I found that the MobileConnect app simply could not detect the o2 branded Huwaei device despite the recommended multiple installations of the driver package.

Drupal Template Override not Working

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Drupal template overrides only work when a copy of the file being overridden is also present in the same folder as the override template file.

This is documented here

Note that this applies to CCK overrides too. So if a CCK template file is overridden you must copy the original CCK template out of the CCK module and into your theme template folder.

Decompiling Flash SWF File and Flashing Tweened Text Issue

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A client is refactoring their website and wishes to reutilise some existing Flash movie promotional material.

Building and Installing Xdebug on XAMPP for OS X 10.6

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We want to build Xdebug and install on XAMPP for OS X 10.6

So we we want to download XDebug, however we need to make sure we get the correct version. So go to and paste in the results of running phpinfo() on your XAMPP stack.

Adding a third party shared object library as a framework

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The scenario here is that we have a third party shared object library that is built by an external makefile. This is fine but we want to try and maintain the OS X bundle structure and install the library within a framework.

Extending JAProcessInfo to Get Tasks Descendents

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OS X has no custom API for getting process hierarchy information. Here we have a modified version of JAProcessInfo that gives all descendent PIDs of a given task.

Building and Installing CINT on OS X 10.6

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The only Musca in the otherwise good Swiss ointment is a lack of support for the GCC -Wno-long-double option. Hence we encounter:

cc1: error: unrecognized command line option "-Wno-long-double">

There is a note on this here.

Workaround is simply to grep the CINT folder and remove the offender. A Successful build should follow.

Once built we only need to export the following (note that on OS X we must export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH as opposed to LD_LIBRARY_PATH as listed in ).

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